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Imani Television (ITV) born in february 2013 is the newest ministry under Imani media Kenya. Born out of the great command 'Go ye therefore and make disciples' as the the Lord Jesus commanded, the work continues, the power of the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ still touches many even through TV.
We have received numerous responses on our developing programmes and songs. we continue to thank the Lord Jesus for the power He has given us to reach out. we are growing very fast and expanding at large that is why the harvest still remains plenty and the workers few. we could not come this far were it not for them that stood with us in Prayer and support.

together with the radio, we are working to integrate and contextualise the gospel of Jesus without compromising in any way. this has been the call to the uncertain world as we bring the message of hope through music, preaching, other programmes and spoken word.

Even at this juncture, be part of us. you can now reach us, interact with us and partake our products and services even online.
In addition, if you would like to be a partner with Itv, Imani radio or Imani media kenya at large, you are welcome. We are is in need of partnerships and support through willing and able workers in the Lord's vineyard. we are located in Kitale Town, Trans-Nzoia county.
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