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Mission Trips

We can help provide assistance to connect you to local pastors and mission opportunities to minister in slums, widows’ seminars, pastors and Church leaders seminars and crusades in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

I am thankful for the hospitality that they have here. I stayed here for a little over 6 weeks.

Their services and accommodations here are perfect for missions. They were able to connect me with many churches to preach at, as well as many opportunities to serve in the community.”

Chris Ellis,


“I had brought a team of six here to Kitale for 6 days, It is an affordable and reasonable price for the accommodation that they provided. They even helped to arrange many of the ministry opportunities for us, such as Pastor Trainings, visiting and preaching at local slums and prisons”.

Michael Kell


Group photo of widows after a seminar taught by Imani Ministries’ team

Mission: Pastor Rick Warren with Butaki passing out nets in Mt. Elgon.

Widows with Kiswahili Bibles donated by Imani Ministries’

Faith Radio team on missions to Africa

Chris Ellis from Liberty Baptist Church California after teaching

Sheep for widows
Sheep for widows
Missionaries ministering

Vigil Prayers: It is now 5 years since we began overnight prayers every 2nd Friday of the month. Hundreds of people have given their lives to Christ while many more have rededicated their lives back to God.