Imani News Update - Why I want to die

Imani News Update - Why I want to die

This is the chilling narrative of Jennifer who had gone through some of the worst domestic abuse and was standing at the precipice staring at death. She had planned to take her life by ingesting on a pesticide she had purchased. But because she had been listening to Imani radio for years, the only encouragement she finds, she wanted to come and seek for last prayers before committing suicide.

They have had family differences with her husband running into years, but she kept on praying and hoping that one day, things would change. She also says that because of her children, this is another reason she decided to stick into the marriage.

Last Saturday, she came to Imani campus seeking prayers because after that she was ready to go and take her life. I and another Pastor who was on call for intercessory prayers were alerted and we took the liberty of counseling and praying with her. She narrated how her husband of many years beat her up and stepped all over on Friday night. When she came, she had swollen lips and bruises on her face and complained of rip, chest and back pains.

We had a difficult time counseling her because apparently she had made up her mind to end all the miseries she says she had endured. We offered to visit the family, counsel and pray with them, but she told us that the men friends that had visited them before to arbitrate in their dispute were received with hostility by the husband and were accused of being her secret lovers. Surely, Satan was at work here.  With wisdom, we decided to send a female Pastor and counselor to go and do the ministry of reconciliation.

Glory to God, the report I have just received is that the couple were finally reconciled and that they had resolved to work out their differences in a Godly way. What a wonderful testimony! God is still in on the throne offering hope and a way out where humanly thinking, we have none.


Be praying for this family that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to them and bring permanent healing and reconciliation.