KDF will remain in Somalia until peace is restored

KDF will remain in Somalia until peace is restored

President Uhuru Kenyatta said the Kenya Defense Force soldiers will remain part of the African Union Mission in Somalia (Amisom) until peace and stability are restored in the Horn of African country. The President made the remarks during the passing out of the seventh batch of officer cadets at Kenya Military Academy in Lanet, Nakuru County.

KDF soldiers were deployed to war-torn Somalia in 2011 following several attacks on Kenya by Al-Shabab terrorists. They later joined troops from Uganda, Burundi and other African nations as part of Amisom.

The commissioned officers underwent a three-year training in the revamped Bachelor of Science in Military and Security Studies offered by the Ministry of Defense and Kenyatta University. They began the training in November 2016 and are to graduate at Kenyatta University in December.

The President urged Kenyans to help the defense forces fight terrorism, also said that Kenya will continue reviewing and improving the training curriculum in line with the needs of KDF roles and the curriculum would be at par with training offered in East Africa and the rest of the world.

By Lucy Kimani