Lost ID Linked to Top Lawyers Murder

Lost ID Linked to Top Lawyers Murder

Identity card number which was used to register a mobile phone line used by a suspect in the killing of lawyer Willie Kimani and his two associates has been found to belong to the wrong person.

On June 22, 2016, a day before the death plot was executed, Ngugi met with Leliman at Connection’s Bar in Mlolongo and gave him a mobile phone which he would use to communicate and it had an Airtel line.

Investigators led by Clement Mwangi went after the ID which was used to register the line. This was done two months ago, July 12, 2019 and the ID was found to belong to Muriungi.

Yesterday on Tuesday 8th 2019 Muriungi explained that he only learnt of his ID's connection to the murders when a detective summoned him for questioning.“In July 11, 2019, while working at Kenya Railways Nairobi Terminus, I received a call from a man who identified himself as Clement Mwangi, a police officer. He told me he was investigating a crime and through his investigations, he discovered that a mobile number which had been registered using my ID, had been used to commit a crime," testified Muriungi.

Muriungi was called as an extra witness in the trial and he told the court that sometime in January 2016, he lost his ID which he reported to the police at Mlolongo.Muriungi told the court that he had lost his ID in January 2016.

The new ID lasted for two years, until September 2018, when he was allegedly mugged. He again went to City Square and applied for another ID which he has been using to date.

By Jane Wangui