Machakos Governor Mutua steps up with new Ambitions

Machakos Governor Mutua steps up with new Ambitions

Governor for Machakos, Alfred Mutua, has distinguished himself from other governors and showed a big difference from what he achieved in his first term compared to his second and the last serving as a governor for Machakos County.

Mutua has won in Machakos by fixing what was broken; building market shades in the 40 sub-locations, lighting up streets and tiny villages, enlarging the infrastructure by building roads and drilling boreholes. He is well regarded for those initiatives as well as the free advanced ambulance service across the county. Now he is on the verge of constructing his legacy-building project: Machakos New City, which will be funded by the county and foreign investors.

Being a young governor, Mutua personifies Kenya’s changing political nature. He understands the predicament of the poor rural people. He must use that pragmatism to transform human life and fervently fight against corruption as evidence to seek the top national seat.

He is working on broadening his appeal beyond his native Ukambani stronghold to establish himself first.

By Macharia Beatrice