No masks for Infants- doctors warn

No masks for Infants- doctors warn

The world has now embraced a new norm of wearing masks as Covid-19 disease cuts down along  human race.

However as this affects the behavioral change of human kind, parents have been warned against exposing children under the age of 2 from wearing face masks as it not only gives them breathing strains but also putting them in a suffocating risk. Even as  Kenya  records an increase in the number of infants who have tested positive for covid-19 medics do not recommend masks for infants.

According to one the medics at Kenyatta National Hospital Dr. Anne Macharia, babies airways are smaller and they do not process carbon-dioxide the way adults do hence making it dangerous for them to breath behind face masks.

'If a child tests positive, it is highly likely there is an adult who has tested positive and infected the child. The risk of children transmitting is minimal especially if the child is sick and you put mask on their face you can suffocate them.' Dr.Macharia.

Centers for Disease  Control globally has also maintained that Children aged 2 and below should not wear masks or anything that covers their face.

By Sally Akivaga