The Likoni Ferry Dilemma

The Likoni Ferry Dilemma

Efforts to retrieve the bodies of a mother and child who drowned in the Indian Ocean at the Likoni Channel is still underway with local divers drawn from the government still trying their very best as the operation enters week two.

 Sources from the Kenya Ferry Services Chairman Dan Mwazo has it that the team of divers will now rely on the technology to help identify objects under the ocean for the purpose of retrieving the bodies of the 35yr –year-old Mariam Kigenda and her 4 year old daughter to end what is now seems to a big matter of concern with the family now hiring divers from South Africa a move that has since reinforced the retrieval exercise, whereas poor visibility depth of the ocean and lack of proper equipment remains the biggest challenge.

Family, friends and Kenyans at large still have their hopes high that something tangible will be done and the two will soon be given a befitting send off even as some of the divers give up on the exercise. The media has so far been kept off the scene by 300metres.

By Akivaga Sally