TSC and KNUT at Logger Heads Over School Heads Transfer

TSC and KNUT at Logger Heads Over School Heads Transfer

 Teachers Service Commission Executive officer Nancy Macharia and Kenya National Union of Teachers KNUT on Wednesday’s meeting hit the rocks as TSC rejected to revoke school heads transfers as per the teachers’ demands.

Earlier in the year, TSC transferred teachers out of their counties over what they call stabilizing teaching and improvement of performances across public schools in the country which resulted to school unrests with teachers threatening to hold strikes.

KNUT and TSC are expected to hold a meeting on Thursday 4th October. KNUT had proposed promotion of more than 30,000 teachers based on their academic qualifications. On the other hand, TSC has indicated transfer of 400 teachers insisting that the promotion will be based on the performance and availability of vacancies. The executive officer has also stated that the rest had questionable academic qualifications and that the commission will assign teachers to any public school or institution.   

‘This is not even a legal requirement on the part of TSC but an act of magnanimity to promote cordial relations. The union’s demand to exempt some elected officials from operational policies and regulations can only undermine provision of quality teachers and by extension, quality education. This is not tenable.’ Mrs. Macharia stated.

She also cited that both parties had reached an agreement on several issues.

‘The commission took time to explain to the union the legal and policy framework governing in transfers of the 312,007 teachers in its employment. Even after explaining the policy and legal framework which the union had approved through the signing of the CBA, the KNUT officers were adamant and demanded an adjournment of the deliberations to a future date.’ added Mrs Macharia.

Mrs Macharia said that TSC will release 111knut officials to work full time for the union.

By Akivaga Sally