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This was a leader’s conference that was held on 15th July 2016, at Imani Faith chapel. It was attended by various leaders from different churches that had come to share their experiences from their ministries and also learn how to handle different challenges as they serve God.

We were privileged to have Pastor Mark Beigle from California who was the minister of the day. His message was about being a maximum pastor that really touched the hearts of those who attended the conference.

The key verse was from the book of 1st Thessalonians 2:1-12. The message was about what pastors should look at while ministering for Gods people. A pastor while carrying out his/her task should have Gods mission in mind and give the message to people to have people preaching and teaching.

Secondly, one should have right motives because the preaching’s are not for manipulation. Thirdly, a pastor should have right mannerism which includes how one carries him/herself, one should be humble and love all people for the success of his work. Lastly, the pastor should be thankful and calm in all situations.

The speaker encouraged people to have hope because it is the desire accompanied by expectations. He also said that people are very special to God and that is why God sent us the Holy Spirit. Leaders were told that a church does not grow continuously it does in steps and a real believer is the one who has the love of God.

While concluding, the speaker asked everyone to keep their eyes in the Lord even though they may be discouraged and the greatest keys in life love and forgiveness respectively.

Story by Salome Amoit


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West Pokot County is heavily endowed with the precious mineral that even the rich will never be contented with the bigger piece of it. It’s however sad to note that people from the land of mineral are languishing in abject poverty yet they are loading their neighbor’s deep pockets. Residence of Kapenguria, Sigor village to be exact who toil everyday in the name of satisfying their appetite of getting the gold, they marshal their strength and in one accord they dig deep into the gold mines.

It’s sad   to see woman have immersed all their hopes in the gold mines trying to make their ends meet, but in the long run what they get is never sufficient to sustain them and their families.They are beseeching the government to hearken to their cry by giving them mining equipment and also looking for ready market for their precious growing plant-Gold. Harassment from their fellow men miners is a fundamental issue that needs immediate address.

story by Salome Amoit  

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Dear Family and Friends,


I greet you in the mighty name of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ.  I am excited in what the Lord is doing in and through Imani Ministries and I cannot wait to see what the Lord is going to be doing in the future. The word of the Lord is being proclaimed from Imani and is changing and transforming lives!


Last month through our regular vigil, more than 400 people attended the overnight and 12 gave their lives to Christ. We had 3 re-commitments to the Lord and above all, God’s power was manifest in the believers such that healing and deliverance from bondage was witnessed. Glory to God.

We share our electronic newsletter with you trusting that it will be an encouragement to you and yours. Please continue praying for wisdom and resources in order for Imani Ministries to reach even further afield. Regards and God bless

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Imani Radio and TV ministries organized a weekend mission on 16th April 2016 in Apong’ai, Pokot. That is a few kilometers from the Kenya Uganda frontier. The team was loaded with boxes full of Christian magazines, Sunday school books, commentary books and Imani solar powered radios which have been installed with the Swahili Bible. The Team led by Jack Irungu, a presenter at Imani Radio Kitale, was cordially welcomed by the residents. Pastor Samuel Tulia and Reverend Christopher Siokani organized the congregation and ministered to them briefly before giving out the gifts. The residents were overwhelmed by the gifts. They could relate more with the radios since they use the sun to charge and Imani Radio is loud and clear in the area. 

Insert: Residents receiving gifts from the Imani Ministries team. The residents requested if they could get bibles in their dialect since most of them are neither conversant with Swahili nor English. The team also dug boreholes so as to help the residents access clean water. They have a challenge of pit latrines. There is no single pit latrine in the area and they would be humbled if they get some. Despite all that, they thanked Imani Radio and TV ministries for bringing light to them.

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