Chris Ellis

I am thankful for the hospitality that they have here. I stayed here for a little over 6 weeks. Their services and accommodations here are perfect for missions. They were able to connect me with many churches to preach at as well as many opportunities to serve the community.

Michael Kell

I had brought a team of 6 here to Kitale for 6 days. It is an affordable and reasonable price for the accommodation they provided. They even helped to arrange many of the ministry opportunities for us, such as pastor trainings and visiting and preaching at local slums and prisons.

Dr.Naomi Paget TX

Hospitality is a special gift-they definitely have it here! Affordableaccommodations, deliciousmeals, and friendly service are hallmarks of my experience here. The location was convenient for ministry in the community and provided a respite from the hustle and bustle of Kitale

Prof. John Pfautz

I love to stay at Imani Media Guest Houses when I come to Kenya to teach at a nearby Bible College. The accommodation is excellent and the services provided by the staff are very welcoming. I highly recommend this Imani Radio Guest Houses whether passing through Kitale or staying in the area for a number of days.

Minister Sharon Savage

Thank you for such a nice place to stay when I am in Kitale! I have stayed in Imani Guest House several times when I come from America for ministry and missions and have always found the accommodations to be wonderful. The service from the staff is also great, and the meals are well prepared and on time! I have brought others from America with me for these reasons, and I pray to come again!